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Author Topic: Job changes due and I just found out I'm pregnant. Advice please!  (Read 586 times)

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« on: July 13, 2017, 07:33:09 AM »

I'm in a nanny share with 4 families in total, but we rotate care so I'm only looking after two families at any one time. (It sounds complicated, but practically it really isn't!)

Anyway my mini dilemma is that my two youngest charges are 4 and will be starting school full time in sept.
The families are very keen to keep me on to continue providing out of school care, and cover child sickness, inset days etc.
We are actively looking for another family with a preschooler to join our share, hoping to find someone I can care for in the daytime to fit in with our out of school hours.
My families have expressed that if no families arise, they will still keep me on full time in a sort of nanny/housekeeping role - which I suggested.

Great! Brilliant!
Except last week I discovered I'm pregnant.
I feel my families deserve to be aware as soon as possible to help them decide how to proceed with future childcare.
I'm hoping they will go along with my idea of continuing to employ me full time until I have maternity, then perhaps I can go back part time and drop the housekeeping duties!

Trouble is we have adverts around locally for childcare available from September.
I feel strongly that it wouldn't be fair to lead someone along offering childcare then as soon as we start in September, reveal I'm preggers and want maternity leave!

Do I tell my current employers sooner, and stop looking for another family?
I'm in conversation with a parent at the moment about potentially having her son a couple of days a week from sept. - should I mention something to her? - perhaps say I think she ought to know I'm intending to have children in the not so distant future??

I know I don't have to say anything to anyone yet, but as it will effect others so much, I can't help think I should.

What would you do??
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