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Author Topic: Training courses  (Read 6477 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2014, 01:20:10 PM »

Babyem and MNT are different companies but you're right they offer very similar courses along with nest.  I wish there was better regulation as I'm constantly hearing reports from people who've completed each of the three maternity nurse/post natel Carer course who were disapointed in what was offered.  I even know one person who got the certificate without completing the course work!  I really want there to be a system of long term MNs going in and observing the courses to check the information if correct and also to offer guidance to new MNs. 

I unfortunately am just in an emergency position where a family had a trained (by one of the above companies) through a big London agency maternity nurse who had very unsafe practices and didn't know at all how to advise parents.  She had baby sleeping on stomach.  The bottles and expressing equipment that I got out of cupboard where not clean although they had been sterilised.  The mother was left in a very distressed state and I've had to work hard to build confidence.  This should not have happened and I realise that is not totally training a fault or the agencies but now am very worried about that MN working with other families.
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