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Author Topic: Board Rules  (Read 2575 times)
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« on: January 25, 2013, 09:44:17 PM »


This board is part of the childcare site. itself is a commercial site that earns revenue by enabling parents and nanny agencies to post childcare vacancies.

The nannyjob message boards exist to provide information and support for nannies. nannyjob cannot be held responsible for any information given, the views of users do not reflect the views of and all meet-ups and social events are entirely unofficial.

Any comments which bring the site into disrepute will be removed and the users banned. If the message boards bring the whole site into disrepute they will be closed down.

No negative comments regarding agencies can be permitted on the board. Any such threads naming agencies will be removed. This is to negate the possibility of legal action against the nannyjob site or damage to its commercial interest. If you have serious concerns about a nanny agency, please contact nannyjob at

Rules for Users

Swearing and personal attacks are not permitted on the boards.  Members are entitled to have different opinions but we ask that you remain polite and constructive.  Reply to the post, not the poster and treat others as you wish to be treated.
Although some members may have been here for years, and others know each other off the boards, we aim to be an inclusive community and welcoming to all members.

Please remember that whilst this board is a community its primary purpose is to provide help and support to nannies on issues relating to childcare. As members of a community we request that you remain sensitive to the circumstances of others, particularly should you choose to discuss personal issues such as pregnancy or bereavement.

There is no edit/delete function. Please do not post personal information as it cannot be edited or removed by you. If you wish to have a post removed please contact a moderator.

If you would like your username changed, please contact the administrator or post on the thread in ‘Latest News from Nannyjob’.

If you wish to leave the board permanently, moderators can place an indefinite ban on your account. If at a later date you wish to reactivate your account you can contact to request that the ban be removed. We no longer delete accounts.

Threads which are deemed to be inflammatory or bullying towards other users will be locked. Posts with inappropriate content will be locked and removed immediately.

Multiple user accounts are not permitted. If you wish to post something in confidence please contact a moderator and they will post on your behalf.

Please be aware that moderators can, in theory, identify the IP address being used so you are not guaranteed anonymity. Moderators will only do this if there is cause for concern or the post contravenes specific board policies (e.g. trolling or harassment).

Advertising is not permitted. You must pay to advertise a vacancy on the nannyjob website, which this board is part of. Advertising courses or classes which may be of interest to nannies is permitted in the specific 'Training and Careers' section only, with one post per course. We appreciate that many nannies may know of jobs which become available and whilst nannyjob understand that you are only trying to help the parents/other members by posting vacancies we must remind you that this is effectively advertising for free and you must pay to advertise on the nannyjob website itself. Linking to advertisements on the site and giving more detail is, of course, permitted. All posts in breach of this rule will be removed and the poster warned.

Users who break the board rules will, in the majority of cases, be warned, then banned for 3 days at the second, then banned for 2 weeks at the third offence, then permanently barred. Serious offences may result in an immediate ban. If you feel you are banned unfairly you should contact in confidence. Please do not post your complaints on the board or involve other users.

A word on moderators:

Please respect the fact that moderators are regular users with additional responsibilities so whilst your friend might be a moderator they cannot tell you about the contents of removed threads, banned posters or any investigations. Please make their life easier by not asking for information!

Moderators are reactive, not proactive. Members are encouraged to raise concerns with moderator and report threads. Threads or posts will not be locked or removed unless a complaint is made, or they are in breach of stated board rules (spam, advertising, negative portrayal of agencies etc.) and moderators aim to intervene as little as possible, for example by locking a thread or removing certain posts.

If you have a problem with a specific moderator please contact one of the other moderators. Moderators have a code of conduct to abide by, including a procedure for dealing with complaints against moderators, and those who abuse their powers are punished.


Trolling is deliberately posting inflammatory or misleading material. Anyone deemed to be trolling will be warned once, and then banned. The length of the ban depends on the severity of the offence.

If you suspect a poster of providing intentionally misleading information, please contact a moderator with your concerns in confidence.

For the purposes of this board deliberately posting under multiple identities, confirmed by IP checking software, is deemed to be misleading behaviour and therefore counts as trolling. Posting under your regular identity from another user’s house, thereby using the same IP, is not trolling, nor is posting from multiple IPs.

Anti-bullying and harassment policy

Bullying is not tolerated on the nannyjob boards. Complaints of bullying and persistent harassment are taken seriously and whilst we hope situations can be resolved amicably, persistent bullying may result in users being banned.

Swearing and personal attacks are not permitted. Debate and differences of opinion are encouraged, but in a polite and constructive manner.

Maliciously disclosing personal information about another user without their permission is deemed to be bullying and will result in an instant ban with no warning.

Persistently contacting members by private message is harassment. Members found to be harassing others will be banned. Off-board harassment is a criminal offence but not within the responsibility of the moderators of this board to resolve. We advise all members to take appropriate security steps when using other social networking sites and/or sharing personal information and to contact the police if they experience harassment.


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