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I'm interested in doing a sleep training course - can anyone recommend one?  I'm seen them advertised by MNT, Harmony at Home, the Handsel Trust and Naturally Nurturing, I wondered if anyone had experienced with any of these?

I can  recommend MNT as I've done courses through them in the past and they have a VERY interesting speaker from the University of Oxford who's a sleep researcher, plus they're accredited by the OCN. I don't know anything about the other courses I'm afraid but google says Harmony at home is an in-house course, so it's not accredited, checked or validated by anyone. Naturally nurturing looks quite good and is accredited. The Handsel Trust seems to focus on children with disabilities and none of the information I can find on it says anything about accreditation but what I can find looks pretty interesting!

I guess it depends what you want to go for. Try calling up a couple of agencies and seeing what they recommend.

I did the MNT sleep training course and it was great! Unfortunately, when I did it it wasnt accredited though but it was practical, down to earth and I really felt they knew what they were talking about and were very professional. Try it!

Optimist you can upgrade your course by doing a couple of assessments and have the accredited one! Contact MNT for an upgrade form!

I would be interested in doing a MNT training course. But they are always in London. Wish they had other bases around the UK!


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