Bushey Fireworks!!!

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Owl Addict:
Ooh just googled it and it's come up...

The firework's display at the Metropolitan Police Club show in Aldenham Road, Bushey, is another stalwart Bonfire Night event which this year takes place from 4pm on Sunday, November 4. There will be a bonfire, fireworks, children's entertainment and food. Tickets cost 3 adults and 2 for children. Fireworks start at 6pm.

So might see some of you Herts people there!  ;D

Miss Pretty in Pink:
oh thanks tina... may go along if i finish in time!

also if anyone is looking for displays capital fm have set up a firework finder website and its ace!

yep tina thats the one im going to getting there for 6 not bothered bout the bonfire  :D
will look out for you  :D   :-*

Owl Addict:
I'm not going now... had an awful day so far... i hope i'm better for 2mrw!!! But i've been looking and there are some in Sarratt...

Monday 5th November 2007

The Green, Sarratt
Bonfire lit 6:30
Fireworks 7:30
Free, just turn up. Limited parking

So i might go there after work 2mrw  ;D

Have fun 2nite!!!  ;D

Sweet Caroline:
We didnt go to the fireworks either. J has a bad tummy  ::). Blames my cooking (cheek). Now laid spread eagled on the bed out for the count.
 Sneaked to the other room to watch some Mindless tv and see whats happening on here.

Went to see some yesterday so not the be all or end all.


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