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 on: Yesterday at 08:49:02 PM 
Started by matnurse - Last post by creativenanny
Everything should be done for the child's sake ... So gradually. It seems a bit forced to me .
Water down the milk gradually and I like the cup idea,
A child this age does not vomit on purpose.
He is distressed.

 on: Yesterday at 08:44:01 PM 
Started by xlisax - Last post by xlisax
Yup only a week, I'm very happy with how she is with her wees and was expecting more accidents!

Her poos are normal, except todays which was fairly loose. In nappies she only pooed every other day whereas now its every day and completely normal.

 on: Yesterday at 08:39:52 PM 
Started by cordelia - Last post by FrenchLieutenant'sWoman
I used Asda own brand on a recent trip to the UK and they were pretty good. I do use Pampers overnight though.

 on: Yesterday at 08:39:11 PM 
Started by xlisax - Last post by FrenchLieutenant'sWoman
So you've been going for about a week? That's pretty good for wees.

If you're eating look away now but are her poos normal consistency? Does she conciously push them out or do they just sort of escape? If she has very loose movements then it will be harder for her to control.

 on: Yesterday at 08:09:29 PM 
Started by xlisax - Last post by xlisax
Hi, just looking for some advice about potty training as mb is starting to make me doubt myself.
We started my charge last Tuesday and after a terrible first day she seemed to have cracked it....except her poo's. I know some children take longer with pooing on toilet/potty but my mb is adamant that she should be doing it by now and no excuses for her not to. She ended up getting poo every where today and mb kind of snapped and said no treats until she learns to use the toilet.
So just really wanted to know your opinions and any advice really. She is not a 'regular' so never seem to be able to guess when its going to happen, when she is whiffy i make her sit on the toilet but nothing. She always tries to go when im doing the cooking or something and then tells me and is distraught. Any advice will be appreciated! 

 on: Yesterday at 07:53:52 PM 
Started by cordelia - Last post by nannynz
I think it's depends on individual baby.  I've used tesco, sainsburys and asda and all were fine.  Sometimes it's good to use the cheaper ones during day and pampers at nights. 

 on: Yesterday at 05:03:52 PM 
Started by cordelia - Last post by asg198
We stock piled buggies before they stopped selling them as my son didn't get on with pampers when little, at the moment we have run out of size needed so have swapped to sainsburys own and lidi and both are good, have heard asda ones are good too.

 on: Yesterday at 04:13:24 PM 
Started by cordelia - Last post by cordelia
Which  brand of disposable nappies do you all find the best?
I've heard Aldi's are good but there isn't one near me and pampers are expensive.

 on: Yesterday at 07:16:37 AM 
Started by matnurse - Last post by nannynz
What did you or client decide. Whether doing the softly approach or the more hard lined the mum will have to stay strong and not back down, much harder for child to learn if she keeps back tracking.  Also it's to be expected to have a few good nights and then go backwards that's when it's important to follow plan.

 on: Yesterday at 12:24:40 AM 
Started by Selly - Last post by Ali
I use Milton to clean toys, bath toys and the foam alphabet mat my charge plays on one a month. I wouldn't use it for sterilising bottles, if we go away we take disposable microwave steriliser bags or use a dishwasher and boil the teats if there's no microwave.

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